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Sipronika's New Prototype Expands the Company's Set of Solutions for the Management and Control of Distribution Networks

In the framework of the CC SURE Consortium, the Sipronika d.o.o. company has developed a prototype device for the automation of medium- and low-voltage distribution networks, constituting an upgrade to the existing offering, while providing new technological and functional solutions that represent a major added value to the user on the account of the improved reliability of the operation of the distribution network.

The solution can be implemented in various specific environments where it can be functionally adapted to a multitude of requirements. This will enable the company to penetrate new markets, while further reinforcing and expanding its presence on existing markets.

The project activities have resulted in successful cooperation with other partners from the CC SURE Consortium.

The device is primarily designed to automate medium- and low-voltage distribution networks. Due to its flexible design, however, it can also be used for the remote control and regulation of other elements in electric power systems, such as electric power production sources (e. g. small hydroelectric and solar power plants), transformers and auxiliary devices in electric power facilities. The device is integrated into a comprehensive IT system enabling the user to achieve improved reliability with regard to the operation of the distribution network, decrease the amount of power outages, and, in the event of a power outage, dramatically reduce the time necessary to localise and eliminate faults (up to 90%), also reducing the extent of the outage (depending on the network topology anywhere from 60% to 98%). In addition to improved network reliability, users can also enjoy a significant reduction of costs arising from grid outages, as the device decreases the volume of undelivered power, leading to a reduction in the costs of eliminating such faults. It enables the distributor to maintain the parameters pertaining to the reliability of power supply within the legally stipulated limits, thereby avoiding potential claims due to a breach in the event of defects.

The product is based on state-of-the-art technology which is distinguished by great flexibility in terms of additional upgrades through a set of functionalities in line with market demands. Simultaneously, this ensures the competitive edge of the solution with regard to other products whose functionality is defined within their design. In this way, we are able to achieve functional conditions laid down in the tender terms of public procurements. It also facilitates the work of system integrators whose task involves meeting the wide range of requirements made by various clients on the market by means of existing equipment.

The solution provides added value not only to Sipronika, but also to other partners of the CC SURE Consortium, seamlessly complementing their primary offer. It allows partners to provide a wider and more comprehensive range of solutions in the field of efficient power use and smart grids, enabling Sipronika products to reach customers who are within the range of the branched-out international sales network of the major Consortium partners.

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