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Synergistic operation of KC-SURE partners, as large, medium and small enterprises in search of new interesting market solutions

Synergistic development cooperation of large, medium and small enterprises with the support of research organizations led to the upgrade of distribution network control systems and the joint marketing of complementary products.

A synergistic co-operation of complementary partners in the search of new interesting market solutions is a fundamental tenet of the CC-SURE activities and is guaranteed in the consortium. Therefore, it is of outmost importance to highlight the participation of development partners, the Kolektor Group as a large enterprise, SmartCom as middle sized enterprise and the small business Sipronika in the upgrade of the electricity distribution network control system. The development process was carried out with the support of research organizations Milan Vidmar Institute and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, which suggested the appropriate concepts for inclusion of the developed subsystems in the network in accordance with smart grid solutions.

The interdisciplinary and complementary partners blend their knowledge, skills and products, in order that an integrated system – the complex solution for controlling the distribution network can be offered to the market. In addition to the joint technical development, during the project, the partners Kolektor Group and SmartCom established a joint marketing of developed complementary products on international markets.

Thus, the company Kolektor Group as a large enterprise with own established distribution and marketing channels enables the entry and participation of small businesses on the global marketplace as well.

The latter increases the competitiveness of small enterprises, since partial solutions are much more difficult to be placed on international markets. This is strengthening the competences of companies and scientific sphere in the development area of smart grids, which is characterized with high growth potential and high added value.


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