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Hidria, Domel, Bartec Varnost, Kolektor Group with new energy efficient drive systems

Industrial partners are facing ever stricter standards to reduce the negative environmental impacts - especially on the EU market, because different EU directives impose increasingly stringent (minimum) criteria for energy efficiency of individual devices and its complete assemblies.

Therefore the introduction of new technologies is necessary for the sole existence on the global market.

The Commission Regulation No 327/2011, valid in EU countries, includes fans driven by motors with a rated electrical output ranging from 125 W and up to 500 kW. The directive specifies the (minimum) energy efficiency target of the entire system (the motor, drive system and propeller), which the fans has to achieve in order that the CE mark can be obtained. Due these requirements, many classical fans with external rotor motors (AC) will be unsuitable for placement on the EU market.
To this end, Hidria Rotomatika under activities of the CC-SURE developed a fan with electronically commutated motor (EC), which can easily achieve the highly defined limits of energy efficiency. Market indicators show that, the usage of EC technology in high-tech products will be crucial for achieving the high efficiency standards.

Similarly, the partner Domel was developing products from the related field of electric drive systems for high performance and highly energy efficient battery-powered hand-held tools. The drive systems are designed for installation in tools of world renowned brands.

Under the activities of KC-SURE, the company Bartec Varnost worked closely with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Maribor in the development of energy efficient explosion proof motors of over-standard dimensions in accordance with EN 60079-0:2009 standard for equipment and protective systems for potentially explosive atmosphere. The highly-competitive product with high added value is marketable by itself as standalone entity and as part of larger projects (eg. machines for mining, ... ) through the sale of units Bartec Group worldwide as well.

In collaboration with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor, the partner Kolektor Group developed a 50 kW drive system with a transverse flux machine (TFM). The new high efficiency propulsion system is compliant with international standards for industrial equipment. It allows bidirectional energy flow, power factor correction (PFC) and therefore needs practically only active energy from the electric power grid. In the ideal case, which also represents the added value of the system, the power factor can be set according to the needs of the electric power grid, and thus the system can compensate the effects of reactive energy of other loads.


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