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BSH Home appliances with a new innovative platform for household appliances

As part of KC - SURE BSH Hišni aparati d.o.o. have established and developed a new platform for small household appliances , thereby reinforcing its role as a of development center  in a specific market segment within the BOSCH AND SIEMENS HOME APPLIANCES GROUP . The company has in 2012 for integration of innovation received a gold award from Savinjsko Šaleška Chamber of Innovation.

The successful implementation of platformisation in the branch of small household appliances represents a major step forward in the manufacture of appliances, because in addition to raising the competitiveness it opens the door to the implementation of innovations, which are directly related to added-value of products. In addition to successful patent applications, the company hasin 2012 for its innovations, which are built into the appliance, received a gold award from Savinjsko Šaleška Chamber of Innovation. This was followed by placing on the national level , where the apparatus also received a gold award.

Introduction of platformisation consequently enables BSH to retain in the long term jobs, factories and competence departments within the Group in Slovenia, thereby also ensuring a successful business chain of domestic suppliers, which are closely associated with the company.

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