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Domel is entering on the market of battery driven tools with new BLDC drive

Domel is entering on the market of battery driven tools with a new BLDC drive for the customers Stihl and Husqvarna. Market projections shows a sales of over 4 Millions € in this segment. Innovations as a result of KC-SURE activities made the development of new product and process possible. This at the end shows in improved motor characteristics in the efficiency more than 90% and mass less than 700g.

The goal of BLDC motor development for battery application is in accordance with global trends of sustainable development, and is directed in efficient usage of resources, this means lowering the energy, consumed by production, lowering the amount of material and increasing the usage of recycled materials. The main goal is high electrical motor efficiency, which means efficient use of electrical energy.

The BLDC motor was developed for the market of portable gardening equipment in professional and commercial usage. The specification for the new market specific product was obtained from leading global manufacturers of such appliances, Stihl and Husqvarna. These two were also the customers for the product. The demands for such application were on one hand in accordance with sustainable development strategy and are on the other hand agreeing with specific use of appliance. The battery capacity is the biggest limit for the system, because it is the main cost driver, and also determines the autonomy of the system. High motor efficiency decreases the need for higher battery capacities, so together with low weight these are the key advantages of the BLDC motor. These two parameters were followed by development of new BLDC motor family.

On the basis of customer specifications the first electromagnetic model was created, followed by numerous optimizations. After that the motor concept was created, and it was confirmed by extensive testing and measurement. Together with product development the production process was also developed. The specific manufacturing methods, directed in production of BLDC motors were used here. The key advantage of Domel concept was based on innovative system of motor winding, which makes high slot fill factor possible. Such high fill factor significantly decreases material consumption, because compared to European competition the motor has 15% less material and compared to Chinese competitors 25% less material is used. It must be emphasized, that the Chinese motor has significantly lower motor efficiency.

The motor construction fits to the application, the difference to the competition is in compactness and low weight, and this was also achieved with advanced materials. Such materials enable Domel to improve motor characteristics, consequently they make Domel more competitive on different fields, for example in automotive industry, cleaning technology, air-conditioning field,… This directly influences the lowering of emissions and energy consumption, as well lowers the amount of required materials. The advances production and process technologies, which were developed in the frame of the project, compared to energy extensive processes, increases the durability of the process and lowers the amount of resources used. On this way new BLDC manufacturing process decreases the amount of energy and materials used in the process and product.

The new product means increasing the market share in the field of gardening equipment, because up to now Domel covered only the line voltage cord products. The battery application becomes a new trend, and it will also replace a part of existing product portfolio. It will also enable Domel to take part in a new, growing market of battery powered products. In cooperation with both leading global brands Stihl and Husqvarna Domel has signed a development and production contract for such products. We convinced both partners with state of the art technical solution, and this is a result of capable competences in the field of electrical motor development. The result of this development is a finished and confirmed product and process, which enabled our customers to start with marketing activities in Europe and the USA. Because the gardening equipment is mainly seasonal, bigger production quantities are expected in the beginning of next year. The expected turnover for Domel are in the range of 4 Million €.

The basic development activities were done in the frame of KC-SURE operation. A new product and process was developed, which is on high technological level. This means advanced end efficient motor technology that is at the end reflected on the BLDC motor characteristics as high efficiency -above 90% and low weight – below 700g.


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