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Metrel is introducing newly developed measurement modules in its power quality programme

Metrel dd, in collaboration with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana and Nimbus d.d. and other partners within the SURE KC developed a new measuring module specially adapted for measurements on smart grids. With the upgraded PowerQ4 Plus and the new Power Master portable power quality analyzer, Metrel is expecting to increase the company's market share and improve the position in the global market.

Through the partnership KC SURE, Metrel analyze power quality on networks, and on the basis of these analyzes developed new measurement module specially adapted for measurements on smart grids. The instrument now provides easy monitoring of more than 500 network parameters and capture an alarm or the voltage event on any observed parameter (if exceeds a threshold value).

Measuring modules have been successfully integrated in the new generation of Metrel Power Quality Analyzers - Power Master. Power Master is a Class A reference portable power quality analyzer, which allows accurate measurement of power quality parameters and determination of the electricity efficiency of buildings and machinery. Additionally it has predefined setup for network analysis according to the standard EN50160. Instrument can be accessed remotely via GPRS or Ethernet communication link.

For troubleshooting purposes it can also capture transients, inrushes and waveforms, which can ease fault detection in the field.

In collaboration with Faculty of Electrical Engineering Ljubljana, and other participating partners within KC SURE we gain knowledge in the field of smart grid. Thanks to this cooperation Metrel is improving products and position in the global market.

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