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Virtual Power Plant – VPP+

Virtual Power Plant VPP+ was developed as a product of successful participation companies INEA d.o.o. and Slovenian TSO Elektro-Slovenija d.o.o. (ELES), inside activities of competence center KC-SURE. The Virtual Power Plant VPP+ system will increase the efficiency, safety and reliability of the electricity transmission and distribution system, remove the obstacles to the large-scale integration of distributed and renewable energy sources and effectively manage and balance the supply and demand in the electricity system.

The VPP+ system, a fully automated solution, will synchronically control production from distributed energy sources, electricity consumption and production from industrial consumers and prosumers and includes hydrogen power plants, which work like electricity accumulators. The VPP+ operate in the same way as classical power plants do.
Participating in KC SURE and working together with Elektro-Slovenija, d.o.o. (ELES),  transmission system operator (TSO) in Slovenia, is enabling us to develop our core Demand Side Management solutions into the Virtual Power Plant system focusing on pilot deployment of the system for tertiary regulation of the network frequency.
Further development will be integration of the Virtual Power Plant VPP+ into the real electricity transmission and distribution system. In Slovenia we have already made first steps for such demonstration project, which could be made by Slovenian companies or with cooperation Japanese companies (Slovenian public agency SPIRIT, Japanese technology agency NEDO)
The market for VPP+ is all over the world. The market sectors are transmission system operators.

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