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Kolektor Group strengthened its competitiveness in the international market of transformers with new control system

NSET - Control system of power transformer developed by Kolektor Group within the framework of KC-SURE project activities will be marketed as a complementary product of power transformer in all international markets on which Kolektor is present.
Thus Kolektor Group will achieve higher attractiveness of its basic product - power transformer - and increase competitiveness in comparison to other producers of transformers.

Power transformers are very critical segment in electrical power network and their breakdown can have significant economic and other consequences. Therefore, online control of power transformers is becoming standard equipment of power transformers. The developed control system NSET consists of the transformer’s sensors and actuators, control equipment, communications equipment and a database server. The result of successful cooperation of the Kolektor team for design and development of transformers and the experts from the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana are advanced algorithms that perform a variety of different model-based calculations in accordance with the IEC 60076 standard.
The advantage of the NSET over other competitive products is in its modern concept based on long-term experiences in the field of transformers, control systems and diagnostics in the energy sector. Lifetime data of the transformer is kept on a separate database server. NSET offers modern design of web visualization, which allows remote access to the system of continuous control with a standard web browser. The system is designed to be implemented both on new and existing power transformers and it enables customization in accordance to the customers' requirements.
NSET is multi-language based and thus convenient for global market. It should be emphasized that professional quality and total support for the developed system lifetime is provided.

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