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Smart Grids Implementation Plan for the Slovenian Distribution Networks

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Milan Vidmar Electric Power Institute have, in the scope of CC SURE, in collaboration with Electricity distribution system operator (SODO), issued the document Development programme for Smart Grids in Slovenia. The Plan presents a proposal for the implementation of smart grid concepts in Slovenian electricity distribution networks. The most relevant technologies and concepts were identified, an implementation plan was proposed and costs were evaluated.

The results show that the cumulative investments in distribution grids will be lower with the introduction of smart grids, than without them. The calculations showed that approximately 320 million € of investments will be needed to successfully implement the main smart grid projects. Almost 500 million € lower total investments (or approx. 12 %) are expected until 2030 with the introduction of smart grid concepts.

On the basis of this program the Operation plan for a large national demonstration project in smart grids has been prepared. Aforementioned contents have already been used for applications in the European NER 300 call within the Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning. Structure of the Operational plan is also used for the preparation of the Slovenian-Japanese demonstration project in the field of smart technology community with a goal to increase the export activity of Slovenian industrial partners.

The project is being prepared by SPIRIT and Japanese agency NEDO. The activities are coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.

Smart Grids Implementation Plan 01

Necessary investments in smart grids in Slovenia by 2030

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