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Kolektor Group and UM FERI developed a new four-quadrant drive system TFM

Kolektor Group Company and University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science developed a new propulsion system consisting of four-quadrant converter and TFM (transverse flux electric machine) in the frame of CC-SURE. The system enables both, bidirectional energy flow between the grid and drive, and power factor correction (PFC).

Successful of cooperation has been further confirmed by entering into a new joint project through the "Research voucher" tender.

50 kW propulsion system for the transverse flux machine (TFM) is a new high-efficiency propulsion system, which complies with international standards for industrial equipment. It allows bidirectional energy flow and power factor correction (PFC), and thus practically loads the electricity grid as an active power load. In the ideal case, which represents the added value of the system, the power factor can also be set, depending on the needs of the grid, and in this way the effects of reactive power of other loads can be compensated for.

The project is the result of the development cooperation between Kolektor Group and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor. Cooperation within the framework of the activities of the consortium has deepened the already excellent cooperation between the partners, and at the same time opened up opportunities for new connections, new product development and access to new markets (industry, electric vehicles, ... ).

This kind of cooperation helps in raising the skills of project partners and enables more competent presence in the market, thereby increasing the possibility of successful new product solutions. Upgrade of that partnership has been evidenced by the joint work in the frame of development of an entirely new project through the "Research voucher".



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